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Molecular structure of sepiolite is consisted of organo Silicon-Magnesium.
Henan Sepiolite is the first found long fibre highest mineral substance, high-layer of Magnesium Silicon, in China with. Its feature: clear of spred fibre; Can be come off soft, thin and long fibre; wide varieties; rich reservants. On the basis of its structural feature, it can be divided soft long fibre, hard long fibre,soil state etc.
Sepiolite produced in Henan has beautiful structure and special physicochemical property. It has four unique properties of “absorption, rheological, catalysis, thermal stability”. It also has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, antiseptic, etc. It’s the ideal material of making high heat preservation material, microporosity heat preservation, heat preservation board, insulaion board, making-paper, cloth, rope, resistance of rub products and adsorbent, suspending agent, catalytic agent, thickening agent, decolourant, deodorant, carrying agent, etc. so it is a kind of non-metallic mineral which widely used in minmetals.
Specifications:SiO2 47%-52%;CaO 15%;;AL2O3 3%;MgO 13%;Fe2O3 1%
Packing: In bulk or in mt bags.




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